PTFS Rebrand

To begin the PTFS rebrand, I started with designing a new trade show backdrop. This project would help determine the new look and feel of the brand. During this process, I also came up with a new tagline to add to the logo.

Once I had the basis of the brand established, I moved on to the products. PTFS’s software product was originally called ArchivalWare, which was an outdated name that was no longer relatable in this cloud-based world. The ArchivalWare suite consisted of 4 add-on options: ArchivalWare GS (Geospatial), ArchivalWare DX (Declassification), ArchivalWare IX (Enterprise Resource Planning) and ArchivalWare DLS (Digital Library Platform).

The original PTFS, LibLime and ArchivalWare logos as well as the logos designed in the rebrand can be viewed in the slider below.

The first step before I was able to jump into designing the logos was to come up with the new product name. After countless brainstorming sessions with the marketing team and a lot of input from other members of the company, we finally landed on Knowvation. The elements I knew I had to include were the pixel concept and color scheme from the new backdrop and a font that would tie in with the PTFS logo.

After I finalized the logos, the management team was concerned that Knowvation DLS had a separate interface from the other add-ons and was mostly sold and operated under the corporate division, LibLime. They came to the conclusion that Knowvation DLS should not be branded as a part of the Knowvation suite and should instead be separate. Thus, I was back at the drawing board. We wanted a brand that would still tie into Knowvation, but also had a graphic tie to LibLime. We came up with the name Bibliovation. “Biblio” fit the LibLime/library aspect of the product and “vation” tied back into Knowvation. After following a similar process to the Knowvation progression, I landed on a logo using the LibLime green with the same font as Knowvation and a simple book page icon, instead of the Knowvation triangles.

In the midst of the rebrand, PTFS decided they also wanted to launch a new product along with the brand launch. The product was to be a lite version of Knowvation GS specifically for storing and categorizing information captured by drones. The CEO had already decided on the name Droneware, so I just needed to come up with a logo that would somehow tie into Knowvation GS. After the rebrand, PTFS also added another product to the Knowvation suite, Knowvation RM (Record Management).

Once the logos were finalized, I needed to create the marketing collateral to be used at trade shows and other events. I used the pixel elements on a smaller scale so that I was able to create a clean look without overpowering the information. I used simple imagery and graphics to explain the functions of the products.

The collateral pieces can be viewed in the slider below.

Use the following links to view PDFs of the collateral pieces:
PTFS Corporate Overview web
PTFS Knowvation Overview
PTFS Knowvation Technical
PTFS Knowvation GS Overview
PTFS Knowvation GS Technical
PTFS Droneware Overview
LibLime Bibliovation Overview
LibLime Bibliovation Technical
PTFS Digitization Overview

I then created a LibLime/Bibliovation trade show backdrop modeled after the PTFS backdrop and the minimalistic design used in the collateral. The Knowvation GS and Droneware banner stand designs then followed.

The trade show booth banners can be viewed in the slider below.

The PTFS rebrand was definitely the longest running and most complicated graphic job I have ever experienced. With so many things to factor in and constant changing pieces, I felt like I was hitting a design block at every turn. By sticking to my process, I was able to overcome those challenges and create a successful new corporate brand. I have also included the PTFS-LibLime Brand Standards, which show an overview of the entire rebrand and the elements created with it. A PDF of the Brand Standards can be viewed here:
PTFS Corporate Brand Standards

About PTFS
PTFS has been a leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provider to Federal, Civilian, Defense, and Intelligence agencies since 1995. They also have a corporate division called LibLime which focuses on open-source library solutions.